Curved acquired penis

Curved acquired penis or Induratio Penis Plastic or La Peyronie’s Disease

La Peyronie’s disease is named after the French surgeon Francois Gogot de Peyronie who described it for the first time in 1743.

It is an alteration that affects the cavernous bodies of the penis, resulting in a progressive replacement of their natural covering structure with a fibrous, rigid tissue. This leads to an alteration in the appearance of the penis that is evident during erection: the diseased part, in fact, being no longer able to extend, produces a deformation of the rod. This deformation is manifested by a curving of the penile shaft. The bends can be dorsal and lateral the most common but, sometimes, this disease can occur with a ventral fold or with a constrictive “ring” that will deform the penis in the shape of an “hourglass”. In general, the natural course of the disease determines a progressive shortening of the penis which loses most of its volume and elasticity.

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