Congenital curved penis


It is a congenital malformation that causes a curvature of the penis during erection. It constitutes a much more widespread problem than is previously thought: a recent study documents that no less than 7% of Italian males suffer from this condition.

There are two types of curvature:

  • the one present since birth (congenital form).
  • The adult form, also known as “Induratio Penis Plastica” or “La Peyronie’s disease”

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Both in the congenital and in the acquired form there may be a difficulty in the sexual relationship due to the presence of the curvature.

Furthermore, in the congenital form there is no difficulty in erection and the penis is usually of normal size, in the acquired IPP form, the retraction produced by the scar tissue can determine an important loss of penis length and can be associated with a rigidity deficit (dysfunction erectile), even severe.

The curvature, if severe (that is, such as to prevent sexual intercourse), can be made.

There are several surgical techniques that can be used for the Congenital Curvature

Surgical treatment

In congenital curvature surgical treatment consists of a conservative form. There are many surgical techniques for straightening the penis.

Duration of the intervention – approximately 1 hour.
In some cases it is necessary to associate circumcision.

  • Advantages: penis straightening allows for normal sexual activity.
  • Disadvantages: the straightening of the penis determines a shortening of about 1 cm.
  • Complications: hematoma of the penis, changes in penile sensitivity (rare).

Corpus Cavernosus Plication

Congenital Curved Penis Surgery

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