Welcome to our Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery Clinic.

Our clinic represents an innovative, highly-specialised benchmark at the international level for the study and treatment of diseases affecting the urethra and male genitalia.


The purpose of our site is to provide simple, clear explanations for these complex diseases and to offer detailed information on surgical procedures, results and new developments  in this field.

Our clinic collaborates closely with the Sava Perovic Foundationin Belgrade, directed by Dr. Rados Djinovic, and with Centro di Chirurgia Ricostruttiva dell'Uretrain Arezzo, directed by Prof. Guido Barbagli.

Professor Sansalone



Prof. Salvatore Sansalone

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Locri (RC) on August 1, 1971,
Prof. Salvatore Sansalone graduated in
in Medicine and Surgery at the
University of Rome Tor Vergata in 2001.

Urethroplasty After Failed Hypospadias


Dr. Salvatore Sansalone demonstrates technique for urethroplasty after failed hypospadias.

Interview during the course of “Functional and reconstructive surgery in male genital disease” organised by the Mediterranean Andrological Board in Catania.

Dr. Salvatore Sansalone, Vice President of the Mediterranean Andrological Board.

Failed Hypospadias Repair


Video of surgical procedure to treat hypospadias.








Urethrotomy Procedure

Penile Augmentation

Urethral Stenosis

in Female



Procedure for Failed Hypospadias with
Ventral Curvature



Harvesting the Oral

Mucosa Graft


Video of procedure for harvesting the oral mucosa graft.

Complex Genito-Urethral Reconstruction


Complex genito-urethral reconstruction after failed hypospadias.

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